If you have a large number of orders, then you can use smart rules to filter them and make the list easier to manage.

View order details from the order list

From the sidebar of the Eshopbox workspace Navigate to 'Orders' to see your entire list of orders. Simply click on the order you wish to view and navigate to 'Details'

With each order, you will find the following details:

  • Date and time of order placement

  • Date and time of order creation in Eshopbox

  • Customer order ID

  • Channel order ID

  • Order item ID

  • Shipment ID

  • Payment method

Search for orders

You can search for any order using the search box present in the top bar of the Eshopbox workspace.

You can use the following order attributes to search for an order:

  • Customer order ID

  • Channel order ID

  • Order item ID

  • Shipment ID

  • Invoice no

  • Tracking ID

  • Product title

  • Brand

  • EAN (International Article Number)

  • SKU (Stock keeping unit)

  • ESIN - product details

  • Return invoice number

  • Customer name -

Filter orders

Eshopbox allows you to filter your orders to help you find orders you're looking for. You can filter orders using default views in Eshopbox or by using custom rules.

Filter orders using views

For ease of quickly filtering through your orders, Eshopbox has created 'Views'. Views give you a segmented list of your orders. Following are the default views available in your Eshopbox workspace:

  • All orders — All orders (including returns) that have been created in Eshopbox in the last 180 days.

  • Pending to fulfil — Orders which have not been handed over to the courier partner. You will be able to see these orders with the 'New', 'Processing' or 'Ready-to-ship' status.

  • Fulfilled — Orders which have been handed over to the courier partner by Eshopbox.

  • Cancelled — Orders which have been cancelled in Eshopbox.

  • All returns — All returns that have been created in Eshopbox in the last 180 days.

  • Returning — Orders for which return has been initiated by the customer. 'Upcoming Return' and 'Return in process'

  • Returned — Returns that have been received and processed at Eshopbox fulfilment centres. 'Return completed'

Filter orders using smart views

You can set custom rules to filter orders according to your specific needs using advanced order filters.

You can filter orders by sales channel, location and date range. If you wish to further filter your orders, you can use the 'More Filters' button to filter orders by order attributes and custom fields.

Once you have applied all the rules, click on 'Apply Filters'.

Note: You can't search and filter orders which are more than 180 days old.

Create a custom view using filters

Eshopbox allows you to create a custom view in case you wish to regularly view your orders in a specific segmented view. To do this, you need to apply filters as per your requirement and click on 'Save as view'. You will now be able to see a custom view along with the default views in Eshopbox.

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