A custom field is an attribute defined by you. This can also help you customize your search. The custom field gives the option to provide additional details about your product.

This article will guide you to understand adding custom fields to your Eshopbox workspace.

Creating Custom Field

Navigate to Settings > Custom Field > + Custom Field and provide the below details to create a custom field:

  • Label: It is the name of the custom field. It is a mandatory field.

  • Internal Name: To avoid the duplicate value of custom fields, provide an internal name. This will be considered as a unique identifier. This field is mandatory and non-editable.

  • Description: One-liner to describe the custom field. The text limit for this field is up to 50 characters.

  • Unique: If you want the value to be unique, select YES; otherwise, select NO. This is a mandatory field.

  • Field Type: When you are adding a field type, use the drop-down list to select the one best-suited field type. This is a mandatory field. The table will give a short description of each.

  • Type of select: When you select field type as a drop-down. You need to mention the type of selection. To know more about the type of select refer.

  • Assign Custom Field: If you want to add a custom field while creating a product. Select the product from the drop-down list.

Field with pre-defined Values:

Below are the pre-defined values for custom field creation details:

Field Type

  • Short Text: This option allows you to fill custom field detail up to the text limit of 50 characters.

  • Long Text: This option allows you to fill the custom field with unlimited characters.

  • Date Picker: This field allows you to provide date-related information. This field is further non-editable.

  • Attachment: The URL provided here will be validated for "http://" and "https://."

  • Dropdown: You can add as many options as they want with the help of the dropdown option by clicking on “ +Add Another Value.

Type of Select

  • Single Select: This will allow you to select the single entry from the drop-down list at a time.

  • Multi-Select: This will allow you to select multiple values from the drop-down list at a time.

Click create. After the successful creation of the custom field, you redirect to custom field settings' main pane.

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