Custom fields can store custom information unique to your business. Eshopbox workspace provides the option of creating custom fields and associating them with various building blocks like products, consignments, orders, payments, etc. Use configured custom fields can to

  • update data to custom fields, or

  • search and filter.

To illustrate:

Use the option to create custom fields for the product when the information you need is product-specific. Example, color, fabric, gender, fit, sleeves, style code, etc.

Following attributes define the custom field:

  • Name of the custom field.

  • To avoid the duplicate value of custom fields, provide an internal name. Eshopbox workspace will consider the internal name as a unique identifier.

  • Short description

  • Unique or not

  • Field type:
    - Short text: This field will appear as a text box, and the maximum character limit is 50.
    - Long text: This field will appear as a text area, and there is no maximum limit.
    - Date picker: Use this field type if you want to collect date-related information. - - Attachment: This field type will appear as a text area. The URL is validated for "http://" and "https://".
    - Dropdown: This field type will appear as a dropdown menu. You can add as many options as you want with single select and multiple select options.

You can assign custom fields to different features.

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