Daily pick capacity (DPC) is an essential metric Eshopbox will use to deploy resources for your workspace. It is vital to understand your daily pick capacity to plan your inventory supply and order fulfilment. In this article, you will learn:

  • How can you determine the DPC for your workspace?

  • How can you notify Eshopbox about the significant increase in your order volume to increase your DPC?

Determining daily pick capacity for your workspace

Your daily pick capacity is the minimum daily picks as per the plan you have opted for or the historical average of daily pick volume of your account, whichever is higher. The minimum daily picks for your account as per the plan is:

Your historical average of daily pick volume is calculated as:

Total no. of items picked in last 60 days / 60

The daily pick capacity will be automatically adjusted if your historical average of daily pick volumes is higher than the pick capacity defined in the plan. For example, if you have opted for JOG plan with pick capacity of 500 units and average daily pick volume in last 60 days is 800 units; then the DPC for your workspace will be 800 units.

Notifying Eshopbox about the surge in volume

We understand that there may be instances when you are expecting a significant increase in processing volume. It may be because of the new product launch, upcoming flash sales, a huge marketing campaign, or if you know if you are featured in media, you should notify Eshopbox in advance. You can do so by sending us a message via the Support messenger available in your Eshopbox workspace.

Open the support messenger in the bottom-right corner of your workspace. Click on Send us a message and select "Notify about the surge in volume".

You will need to provide the below details

  • For which of the activity, you are expecting surge?

  • For which of the Eshopbox fulfilment center you are expecting surge?

  • Duration in which you are expecting surge in volume.

  • The maximum volume you can reliably expect during that period.

Of course, we will fulfil your orders regardless; the more information we have, the better we can plan resources allocation. Without proper notification in advance, we may not be able to fulfil your orders within our normal service levels.

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