After you have successfully created and scheduled your consignment on Eshopbox, you need to deliver it to the Eshopbox fulfilment centre(s). In this article, you will learn how to deliver your consignments seamlessly at Eshopbox.

Step 1 - You plan the delivery of the consignment

While planning the delivery of your consignment, you need to be mindful of the following points.

  • Make sure to follow the Eshopbox product preparation guidelines while preparing your inventory for movement. This will ensure there are no discrepancies while receiving.

  • An inward consignment must be delivered on the scheduled date and time.

  • The entire consignment needs to be delivered in one batch. If the entire inventory is not ready, you can re-schedule the appointment, or cancel it and create a new consignment.

  • If you have updated any incorrect details, you should cancel it and create a new consignment with the details in the Eshopbox workspace.

  • You can use any transporter or third-party courier provider to deliver the consignment.

Note: In case you are sending a consignment in multiple vehicles, you need to inform Eshopbox prior to the delivery.

Step 2 → Eshopbox verifies your document at the fulfilment centre

At the time of delivery, you must provide Eshopbox with a document that includes the following details about your consignment.

  • Fulfilment centre (Sent to) address: The complete address of the Eshopbox fulfilment centre where the consignment is being sent along with the GST details in it.

  • Signature and stamp of a signatory authority from your end.

  • Consignment number: The consignment number that Eshopbox provides at the time of consignment creation.

  • Document number: The document number, should be present on the document.

  • Carton/Box count: The total number of boxes in the consignment.

  • Product details & quantity: The Product IDs and their respective quantities.

  • Invoice amount: The total value of the invoice.

  • E-way bill: Please make sure you create and send the e-way bill with the invoice if the total invoice value is more than INR 50,000.

Step 3 → Eshopbox receives the consignment

Now that your delivery documents have been verified, Eshopbox will receive your cartons and verify them.

  • The unloading of the vehicle needs to be done by the transporter itself at the Eshopbox dock.

  • After unloading, Eshopbox will label all the boxes as per the number of cartons/boxes mentioned in the document. Any discrepancy may lead to a further delay to inward your consignment.

  • Eshopbox will verify if there are any damaged boxes. In case we find any, we mention it on the Lorry Receipt (LR) copy and the acknowledgement slip.

  • Eshopbox will measure the weight of each carton/box received and verify it with the weight mentioned on the carton/box label.

Note: Eshopbox will not be liable for any shortages found at the time of inward.

Step 4 → Eshopbox acknowledges the consignment

Once the consignment has been successfully received by Eshopbox, you will be notified over an email. Eshopbox shares the proof of delivery in the form of an acknowledgement slip in the email which you may download for future reference.

Reason for rejection of a delivery

Eshopbox may refuse deliveries if they deem the delivery unsafe, against health and safety, or any other requirements are not satisfactorily matched.

Delivery will be rejected if,

  • it may cause health & safety risks to Eshopbox.

  • is delivered in a wet or a crushed carton/box or contains damaged inventory.

  • the document verification at Eshopbox is unsuccessful.

  • it has non-contained, loose-loaded items.

  • a carrier does not adhere to site safety rules.

  • drivers are non-cooperative or abusive.

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