A Fulfillment Center (FC) is a physical location from where Eshopbox fulfils the orders. According to the GST act, a Place of Business (POB) is an establishment where the business is conducted. This place includes a warehouse where supplies are received and stored. Additionally, you can only invoice goods to customers from a place of business. To send your inventory to an Eshopbox fulfilment centre (FC), you first need to register it as your Additional Place of Business (APOB).

Since GST registration is state-specific, you must register the Eshopbox fulfilment centre as an APOB in each state where you wish to store your inventory. For instance, if you wish to sell your products from Eshopbox Mumbai FC and Eshopbox Gurgaon FC, you would need to register both fulfilment centres as your APOB.

Register Eshopbox FC as your Additional Place of Business (APOB)

Follow the steps below to register Eshopbox as your APOB.

Step 1- Navigate to the sidebar and click on Settings > Fulfilment centre

Step 2- Select the fulfilment centre you want to register as an APOB and click Enable.

Step 3- Submit your GST details.

In this step, you will be asked to submit the following details.

  • Choose whether or not you have the GST certificate for the state where you are setting up Eshopbox as your APOB.

  • Submit your GST number and upload your GST certificate.

  • Enter the address as mentioned in the GST certificate.

  • Upload your business signature and logo and click Submit.

  • Once your request has been submitted and verified, Eshopbox will provide you with the following documents:

  1. No Object Certificate (NOC)

  2. Utility bill

  3. Lease agreement

  4. Eshopbox declaration

  • Download these documents from the Eshopbox workspace and register APOB on the GST portal.

Step 4- Register Eshopbox FC as your APOB on the GST portal

Log in to the GST portal and navigate to Services > Registration and select ‘Amendment of Core registration fields’ from the dropdown.

You will be redirected to your business registrations, select ‘Additional Places of Business. Here you will have to edit the number of additional places based on your requirement. Click on ‘Add new’.

You will be redirected to a fresh APOB registration. Fill in the required details and select consent from the dropdown in the nature of possession of premises and upload the following documents:

  • Consent letter: No objection certificate for registering the facility as your place of business by the warehouse service provider.

  • Utility bill with the lease agreement: A document that establishes ownership proof along with the lease agreement.

For a step-by-step guide to registering APOB on the GST portal, refer to this article.

Step 5- Upload Reg-06 or ARN in Eshopbox workspace

Upload the Reg-06 GST Registration or ARN certificate in the workspace and click on submit.

Once your APOB registration is complete, you can send inventory to Eshopbox.

Track your request to enable Eshopbox fulfilment centre

You can easily track the progress of your request from the workspace. Follow the steps below to track your request.

  • Navigate to the sidebar of your Eshopbox workspace and click on Settings> Fulfilment centre.

  • Select the FC for which you've submitted a request and then click on Track. You will now see a dropdown notifying you of all the steps in the process along with their statuses. Here you can track the status of your application.

In Progress suggests that the request is still being processed and is yet to be completed. You will see this status next to the name of the FC.

Enabled suggests that your FC is live and inventory can be sent to the location after creating and scheduling a consignment on the workspace. You will see this status next to the name of the FC.

Note: After you've successfully completed all the steps to enable the FC, you will be eligible to send inventory to Eshopbox. In case of issues during the verification process, Eshopbox will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REG-06?

Once a Place of Business is added to the GST registration certificate, it is issued in the form GST certificate i.e. REG-06. It is a digitally signed system-generated certificate made available on the GST portal, evidencing the successful GST registration under the GST law.

What is ARN?

GST ARN number stands for Application Reference Number. GST ARN number is generated on the GST Portal automatically on submission of a GST registration application. GST ARN number can be used to track the status of GST registration application until GST Certificate and GSTIN is issued by the Government.

I don't have a GSTIN certificate in the same state as the fulfilment centre, what do I do?

If you don't have a GSTIN certificate in the same state as the fulfilment centre, you need to first apply for a Principal Place of Business (PPOB) in that state. This is usually the principal place of operations of the business. In case you need a location to register as a PPOB, contact your Eshopbox customer success manager.

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