You can use Eshopbox to sell your products on different online sales channels. Product availability settings allow you to track the products available on sales channels.

The sales channel will be able to read and track inventory updates for only those available to it in your Eshopbox workspace. If you decide to make a product unavailable to a particular sales channel, the sales channel will not track Inventory updates for that product.

Please note:

  • Making a product unavailable will not necessarily hide the product from the sales channel catalog. The last inventory update shared with the sales channel may still be available for sale. You can also receive orders for products that are made unavailable. If you want to hide the product from the sales channel catalog, you may have to do it from the sales channel's seller panel.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Track sales channel on which a product is available or unavailable

💡 In case you have a single product will multiple listing IDs, only one will be visible to you on the Eshbopox workspace.

You can download the product availability along with the product. Learn more.

Before you start

  • You have created the products.

  • You have an enabled sales channel.

View product availability

  • Navigate to Inventory > All Products.

  • Search the product using ESIN or SKU for which you want to view the product availability.

  • Open the availability tab from the detail page. Here you can view the list of all the enabled sales channels and the listing ID and availability status.

  • You can view the status of availability on the sales channel as below:
    - On button: The product is available on the sales channel. This means the sales channel tracks the inventory updates of this product.
    - Off button: The product is not available on the sales channel. This means that the sales channel does not track the inventory updates of this product.

  • Open the details tab from the detail pane. Under Custom fields, you can view the various information provided for each sales channel to make the product available. For example, ASIN for Amazon, FSN for Flipkart, etc. This information is provided while making the product available on the sales channel.

💡 Availablity status shows that the sales channel can read and track inventory updates. Multiple other factors affect the availability of the product on the sales channel. For example, the product has inventory, or the sales channel does not delist the product.

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