Although Eshopbox will automatically fetch or generate shipping labels and invoices, you need to upload the invoice and shipping label for your order only in the following scenarios:

  1. An order is imported for fulfilment on the Eshopbox workspace for a sales channel where Eshopbox is not the shipping provider. You need to upload the invoice and shipping label for the order provided by the marketplace.

    Note: You can also provide the invoice and shipping label while importing the order.

  2. The order is on hold because the customer's address is not serviceable: The delivery pin code is not serviceable by Eshopbox, so you need to get the order shipped from your end.

  3. The order has been marked as Failed to RTS (Ready to ship) as Eshopbox could not fetch the shipping label for that order.

This article will teach you how to upload shipping labels and invoices for your order.

Before uploading the Invoice or the shipping label, ensure the order is in New or Processing status.

Steps to upload shipping label and Invoice

You need to follow the below steps to upload the shipping label.

  • Navigate to the sidebar and select Orders.

  • Search or filter the order for which the shipping label and Invoice need to be uploaded.

  • Select Orders.

  • Click on Upload Label.

  • Fill in the below information for the order. You can get the same from the Sales export report.

    • Invoice number: The invoice number which is mentioned on the Invoice.

    • Courier partner: The courier partner assigned to ship the order mentioned on the shipping label.

    • Tracking ID: The Tracking number used to track the order is mentioned on the shipping label and is scannable.

    • Upload Invoice and Shipping label: Upload the invoice and shipping label in PDF format.

    Note: You can only upload one document. Make sure you merge the invoice and shipping label.

  • Click on Confirm.

Note: Make sure the information provided is correct. You cannot update the information once the order is marked as ready to ship.

You can track the same from Activities.

You must upload a single invoice/ shipping label for a single order. There can be two cases for the same.

Case 1: if an order consists of multiple items, you must upload a single invoice/ shipping label for any one of the items. It will be automatically updated for all the items present in that order.

Case 2: if an order is split into multiple sub-orders, each being fulfilled from the same or different locations, you must upload the invoice/ shipping label separately for all the sub-orders.

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