Eshopbox’s commercials bill for each shipment is based on the shipping zone, weight, shipping type, and agreed shipping fee. In case, you feel like you are wrongly or unfairly charged, you can dispute the billing amount with Eshopbox.

Let’s take a few examples of valid billing disputes:

A) Zone-based disputes — If you were charged national shipping rates for a zonal shipment or similar scenarios.

B) Weight-based disputes — If you were charged for a shipment weight greater than the actual shipment weight.

Let’s say your shipment weighs 500 grams, and you were charged considering shipment weight as 1 kilogram.

C) Shipping type disputes — If you were charged express shipping fees for a surface shipment.

D) Shipping fee disputes — If you were incorrectly charged shipping fees in reference to your agreement with Eshopbox.

How does Eshopbox manage billing disputes?

  • Eshopbox raises an invoice to you for all shipments completed in a month by the 10th of the next month.

  • You can validate the invoice and reconcile your shipping charges. In case you feel you are incorrectly charged, you need to dispute the bill amount within 15 days.

  • For each shipment where you feel you are charged incorrectly, provide the AWB numbers along with shipping zone, weight, type and fees.

  • Eshopbox will then perform a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to verify the disputed charges. If Eshopbox identifies that you have been incorrectly charged, Eshopbox will raise a credit note within the next 10 days. If Eshopbox identifies that you have been charged correctly, the dispute will be rejected and Eshopbox will provide proof.

  • Credit notes raised to you by Eshopbox are settled with next month’s invoice.

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