At times, the pin code serviceability of your customer location changes after the order is shipped by Eshopbox. There could be multiple reasons for the non-serviceability of a pin code like difficult weather conditions, containment zones, festive seasons, protests, and more.

If your customer is located in a non-serviceable pin code and wants to return their product, you need to manually create a return pick up from their doorstep.

How to arrange a return pickup?

  • You need to coordinate with your customer that wishes to return their product from a non-serviceable zone.

  • You can then ask your customer to either wait for the pin code to be serviceable again or ask your customer to deliver the return to the origin (Eshopbox fulfilment centre from which the order was shipped) using local carriers.

Note: You can navigate to 'Orders' on the Eshopbox workspace and search your order using the order ID, tracking ID or the AWB number and check the location of the origin.

  • Once the customer has initiated the return using local carriers, you need to collect all the information required to create a return in Eshopbox, like the delivery date, AWB, SKU, and more.

  • Now, create a return on the Eshopbox workspace using the data collected from your customer.

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