Shipping insurance enables you to mitigate losses incurred due to lost, damaged or stolen packages in transit. If an insured shipment is lost, damaged, or stolen, you will get reimbursed based on the declared value of the items in the shipment. You can purchase shipping insurance from third-party vendors like TATA AIG, HDFC ERGO, and more.

How does shipping insurance work?

Eshopbox is liable to pay you for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments as per your commercial agreement. However, if the value of your shipment is very high and you feel like you have received an unfair reimbursement, you can request Eshopbox to provide a Certificate of Facts (COF). Eshopbox will provide you with the COF within ten days.

If you request Eshopbox to provide a COF, you need to make sure:

  • You have not requested a credit note for the same shipment for Eshopbox. Please note that you can only request a reimbursement or a COF, not both.

  • You have requested Eshopbox for a COF within 15 days of the shipment being marked as lost, stolen or damaged.

You can provide the COF to your third-party insurance provider for further investigation. Your insurance provider will then reimburse you with the insured amount.

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