Your products can be returned to Eshopbox fulfilment centres — either as returns initiated by the customer or returns that could not be delivered by the carrier. For all such products, you would need to create a return in Eshopbox. This helps Eshopbox understand what items to expect at the fulfilment centres.

Learn how to create returns in Eshopbox

When you create a return in Eshopbox, it will be visible on the Eshopbox workspace with the following details:

  • Return tracking ID

  • Return type

  • Return reason

  • Return sub reason

  • Return created on

  • Return received on

  • Return completed on

  • Return item condition

  • Action taken on the returned item

  • Return rejection reason

  • Return resolution

The below flowchart will explain the return cycle in Eshopbox:

Here's a quick breakdown of each step in the return cycle:

  • When your customer places a return request on your brand website, the status changes to 'Awaiting Pickup'.

  • If the return request is cancelled by the customer or the courier partner cancels the pickup due to multiple failed attempts, the status changes to 'Pickup cancelled'.

  • When your returns are picked up from the customer's doorstep, the status changes to 'On the way'. In the case of marketplace returns, the status changes to 'On the way' once these returns have been created in Eshopbox.

  • If your return is lost or damaged in transit by the courier partner, the status changes to 'Lost in transit'.

  • When your return is received at the Eshopbox fulfilment centre, the return status changes to 'Processing'.

  • If during quality check there are items missing in your returns, the status changes to 'Lost in processing'.

  • If your returned items pass the quality check and are in sellable condition, they are restocked for sale and the status changes to 'Restocked'.

  • If your returned items fail the quality check and aren't in sellable condition, they are put away on the quarantine shelf, and the status changes to 'Quarantined'.

  • If your return is not created in Eshopbox, then status changes to 'Draft'

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