To make products available to Shopify, inventory updates need to be pushed successfully from Eshopbox. When this does not happen, you will receive one of the below-mentioned errors. Further ahead in this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot these errors.


How to fix it?

Not Found

This means that your product listing was deleted from Shopify. You can make your products unavailable from the Eshopbox workspace, and make them available again; linking them to a new product listing.

Alternatively, you can make the product listing unavailable and create a new listing.

Location is deactivated

Activate location in Shopify or create a new location and configure it in the Eshopbox Shopify app.

Exceeded 2 calls per second for API client. Reduce request rates to resume uninterrupted service

There is a threshold on the number of API calls that can be sent to Shopify based on your plan. You may want to upgrade your Shopify plan to improve performance. If you are using Shopify plus, raise this to the Eshopbox support team.

Inventory item does not have inventory tracking enabled

You need to enable inventory tracking from Shopify admin. Learn more

Not physical product

You need to mark the product as physical from the Shopify admin. Learn more

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