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  • Make sure you have created Eshopbox fulfilment centre locations on Shopify

  • Make sure you have made your products available to Shopify

In this article, you will learn

  • How Shopify orders are treated in Eshopbox?

  • How can your customers track their Shopify orders?

When a customer purchases on your Shopify store, Eshopbox imports and creates an order for fulfilment. This article will provide an in-depth understanding of how your Shopify orders move through different stages of fulfilment in Eshopbox.

The below flowchart will explain how Eshopbox fulfils Shopify orders:

Here's a quick breakdown of each step in the process:

  • When a customer purchases on your website, an order is created in Shopify with the order status as 'Unfulfilled'.

  • Eshopbox imports the orders based on the order import rules you configured and allocates them to the optimal fulfilment centre based on customer location and inventory availability. Once order allocation is done, Eshopbox updates the fulfilment location and the tracking link on Shopify; the order status on Shopify changes to 'Fulfilled' with the shipment status as 'Confirmed'.

Note: In case inventory is not available, but the order is created in Eshopbox, it will remain as ‘Unfulfilled’ in Shopify. Learn more

Here's the same order in Eshopbox with the status 'Processing'.

Note: Eshopbox will sometimes split your Shopify orders when inventory for an order is not available in one Eshopbox fulfilment centre. In such cases, you will be able to see each split order on your Shopify admin as shown below:

  • When the Eshopbox packs the order at the fulfilment centre, the shipment status in Shopify changes to 'Ready for Pickup'. Here, Eshopbox updates the name of the courier partner fulfilling the order and the tracking details on Shopify.

  • When the courier partner picks the order from the Eshopbox fulfilment centre, the shipment status in Shopify changes to 'Out for Delivery.

  • When the courier partner is on the way to deliver the order to your customer's doorstep, the shipment status in Shopify changes to 'In transit.

  • When Eshopbox delivers the order to the customer, the shipment status in Shopify changes to 'Delivered'.

  • If the courier partner fails to deliver the order to the customer, the shipment status in Shopify changes to 'Attempted delivery'.

Shipment status in Shopify

Status in Eshopbox



Fulfilled, confirmed


Fulfilled, ready for pickup

Ready to ship

Fulfilled, out for delivery

Out for delivery

Fulfilled, in transit

On the way

Fulfilled, delivered


Fulfilled, attempted delivery

Failed delivery

How can your customers track their Shopify orders?

Your customers would want to track orders placed on your website from time to time. Customers can track your Shopify orders fulfilled by Eshopbox in multiple ways:

1. Track orders on email and SMS

As Eshopbox fulfils your Shopify orders, Eshopbox provides your customers with proactive notifications on email and SMS. The emails and SMS's sent by Eshopbox also include a tracking link to the customer portal, where your customers can see the detailed order updates.

Learn how to manage your customer notifications

2. Track orders on the 'My orders' page of your brand website

Whenever Eshopbox fulfils an order, Eshopbox updates the order status on Shopify along with the tracking link automatically.

Your customers need to log in to their account on your brand website and navigate to the 'My orders' page. Here, they can select the order and click on the 'Manage order' button. Clicking on the 'Manage order' button will redirect them to the Eshopbox customer portal to view detailed order updates.

3. Track orders on your dedicated tracking page

You get a dedicated tracking page when setting up the Eshopbox customer portal. Your customers can see detailed order updates by entering their item ID and phone number.

To direct customers to the tracking page, you can create a 'Track my order' link on your brand website. Generally, a good practice is to place this link in the header or the footer of your website.

How to add the track order button on your Shopify store?

You can add the track order button on your Shopify store by following the below steps:

  • From the sidebar of your Shopify admin, navigate to Online Store > Navigation

  • Add a menu to your header or footer and embed the link to your tracking page

Alternatively, you can also ask your Shopify developers to implement this if you have advanced requirements.

Note: The default URL of the tracking page would be Learn how to customise the URL of your tracking page. Using the dedicated tracking page is recommended if you allow guest checkout on your brand website.


What happens if the order is created in Eshopbox but inventory is unavailable?

If you don't have inventory available in the Eshopbox fulfilment centre to fulfil the order, you need to supply inventory to process the order. In the meantime, you will be able to see the order with the status ‘Unfulfillable’ on your Shopify admin.

Alternatively, suppose you use multiple Eshopbox fulfilment centres to store your inventory, and you have stock available in another Eshopbox location. In that case, you can fulfil the order by manually assigning the order to the Eshopbox fulfilment centre with stock available from your Shopify admin.

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