Sometimes, you aren't able to see your product listings on Amazon. This could happen due to multiple reasons. To avoid listing errors on Amazon, we suggest going through the below hygiene factors:

  • Make sure the product is created on Amazon.

  • Make sure the product is created in Eshopbox.

  • Make sure The product should be made available to Amazon from the Eshopbox workspace.

  • The product should have adequate inventory in Eshopbox fulfilment centres

  • The product listings should be marked as 'Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)' on your Amazon seller panel.

  • Make sure the products are mapped correctly between Eshopbox and Amazon.

  • Make sure the products are not suppressed, inactive or stranded on Amazon.

If you have verified that all hygiene factors are intact, and your product is still not visible on Amazon, then you need to contact Eshopbox support.

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