When you fail to adhere to the Eshopbox product preparation and delivery guidelines, it leads to non-compliance with Eshopbox. In this article, you will learn about the various cases of non-compliance and how to handle them correctly.

Case 1 → Non-scannable, missing, or incorrect barcodes

Every item in a consignment must have a clearly readable barcode. Non-scannable, missing or incorrect barcodes prevent Eshopbox from receiving your inventory. To resolve this issue, Eshopbox will have to dedicate extra resources that will identify and receive your items.

Case 2 → Mixed SKUs in the cartons

Each carton must have one SKU only. However, if in case you intend to pack different SKUs in the same carton, you must segregate them within the carton by using the box in the box method.

Case 3 → Item rejected during quality check (QC)

Every item in the consignment must pass the quality check at the time of delivery. If the items do not comply with the QC parameters, it will lead to non-compliance with Eshopbox delivery guidelines.

Case 4 → Unexpected inventory received

Items that are not part of the consignment at the time of receiving are referred to as unexpected inventory. For Eshopbox to receive the inventory, you need to create a new inward consignment on the workspace.

Case 5 → Product label missing

Every item in the consignment must be labelled properly as mentioned in the Eshopbox product preparation guideline. Any item missing a product label will lead to non-compliance as per the Indian metrology act.

Case 6 → Missed consignment delivery appointment

All consignments must be delivered on the scheduled appointment date. Eshopbox allocates resources that will receive the consignment on the scheduled date. If you miss the delivery date, Eshopbox will have to reallocate the resources to receive the consignment.

Case 7 → Unscheduled delivery of a consignment

Every consignment must be scheduled for delivery on Eshopbox. To receive an unscheduled delivery, you will need to create a new inward consignment and then process the inventory. However, this is purely subject to the availability of space and resources at the Eshopbox fulfilment centre. If there is no space in the fulfilment centre, Eshopbox will reject your unscheduled delivery. But if there is space in the fulfilment centre, Eshopbox will receive and inward the consignment.

By reviewing these common mistakes you can avoid incurring any additional fees.

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