If you choose to use Eshopbox packaging, Eshopbox will select the most suitable packaging material for each order based on its availability in Eshopbox. Eshopbox considers the following factors while selecting product packaging:

  • Item Type: Eshopbox uses different packaging materials for different types of items. The table below will show the packaging material used for different item types:

Item type

Outer packaging

Inner packaging

Fragile items


Corrugated wrap

Foldable items

Box, polybag

Bubble wrap

Glass product


Corrugated wrap

Health & beauty products


Bubble wrap

Soft items



  • Size: Eshopbox chooses the best fit size for packaging based on the dimension and weight of the order items. In case, the best fit packaging is not available, Eshopbox chooses the most suitable packaging from what is available in Eshopbox.

Example: If your product is 8″ x 5″ x 4″, the box chosen for it may be 8″ x 8″ x 6″, with the width being 2″ wider. While it is not the exact sized for your product but it is the most optimal packaging for your product and is cost-effective.

  • Sustainability: Eshopbox chooses packaging materials that are of good quality and are sturdy while in transit. If multiple items on an order require different packaging, then the order will be shipped in the best packaging possible. For example, if the order includes one fragile item, the order will be packed with protective dunnage even if the rest of the products have a packaging preference of poly mailers.

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