This article will outline the tasks that you need to complete to set up Amazon with Eshopbox.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have an active Amazon seller account

  • Make sure you have an active Eshopbox workspace

  • Make sure products listed on Amazon are created in Eshopbox

Setting up Amazon with Eshopbox

Follow the below steps to set up Amazon with Eshopbox:

Step 1: Install the Amazon app

To begin with, you will need to install the Amazon app in Eshopbox. Installing the Amazon app allows Eshopbox to access your Amazon seller account. Follow the below steps to install the Amazon app in Eshopbox:

  • From the sidebar of the Eshopbox workspace, navigate to Apps

  • Click on the 'Amazon'

Step 2: Connect your Amazon seller account

You need to connect your Amazon seller account to Eshopbox. This means you authorise Eshopbox to access your Amazon seller account data, products, orders, and more.

  • Enter your merchant ID and secret key (KMS Alias). Amazon will provide you with the merchant ID and secret key while registering for an Amazon account. (Guide on how to retrieve merchant ID and secret key (KMS Alias, click here))

  • Click on Connect

  • Once you have clicked on the connect button, the page will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central Login Page, where a Primary Username and Password are required to authenticate as shown in the below screenshot

  • After providing the username and password, click on sign in button, and then you will be redirected to the Two-Step Authentication step, where you need to provide the OTP from Authenticator App

  • Once OTP is entered, and login is successful, you need to approve the consent page as shown below and click on Allow

  • After approving the consent, the authorization code will be generated that will be used to generate the access token and refresh token that will be used to validate the Amazon Smartconnect API calls.

  • Now, You should be able to see Eshopbox and your Amazon seller accounts are connected successfully.

Step 3: Configure your fulfilment locations

You need to create locations in Amazon and configure them with Eshopbox. This enables Eshopbox to allocate your Amazon orders to the optimal Eshopbox fulfilment centre for order processing. This can be done by following the below steps:

  • First, you must add Eshopbox fulfilment centre addresses as pick-up locations in Amazon. You need to get in touch with your Amazon SPOC to get the location added

  • Once you have added Eshopbox fulfilment centre locations on Amazon, navigate to Eshopbox workspace > Amazon app > Choose Eshopbox Fulfilment Locations.

  • Toggle the button 'on' to associate the location created in Amazon to the Eshopbox fulfilment centre' based on the Amazon business model that you are operating on. You can choose to operate on different Amazon business models on different locations or even both business models on the same location.

  • You need to provide your Amazon location ID. Make sure to enter the location ID without any spaces. Amazon will share a location ID once you have registered the Eshopbox FC address. Click on 'Save'.

  • Eshopbox will prepare to process orders from the sales channel, and the location set up would show as ‘Processing’ as shown:

  • Once the location set up is complete, the button would be toggled on as shown below:

Now, all your Amazon orders will be routed to the Eshopbox fulfilment centres you have configured.

Step 4: Make your products available to Amazon

Eshopbox allows you to manage the availability of your products on Amazon. Making your products available to Amazon means Eshopbox can relay product inventory and order status updates to Amazon.

Please follow the below steps to make products available to Amazon:

  • Log in to Amazon Seller Central

  • Ensure you have active listings in your Amazon seller account

  • Ensure you have selected the right Amazon fulfilment model for each listing, i.e FBA or FBM. Learn more

  • From the sidebar of the Eshopbox workspace, navigate to Inventory > All Products.

  • Search the product using ESIN or SKU for which you want to manage the product availability.

  • Navigate to ‘Availability’. You can manage the product availability on the sales channel by toggling the button 'On' or 'Off'.

  • Toggle the button to make the product available to Amazon. If you have configured multiple locations, you will have to make the product available from each location

  • Provide the Amazon SKU and select the Amazon fulfilment model for the product. You can also provide the ASIN if available.

Note: You can make selected products available to Amazon in bulk by importing products in Eshopbox. Learn more

Step 5: Configure automation

Automation will help you easily streamline repetitive tasks and processes. Eshopbox allows you to sync inventory, orders and order updates automatically in Amazon.

5.1 Sync inventory levels

Whenever there is a change in inventory levels in Eshopbox, then corresponding inventory quantities in Amazon will be updated. The update runs every 5 mins and is instant if a product is stocked out. The update will run only for products that are made available to Amazon.

I need to turn off Inventory sync on Amazon, what do I do?

5.2 Create new orders

This means if a new order is created in Amazon, then the same order would be created in Eshopbox.

  • Amazon verifies and approves the order. If you are selling from multiple locations on Amazon, it decides which location the order should be fulfilled from.

  • Amazon will send approved orders assigned to locations corresponding to the Eshopbox fulfilment centre.

5.3 Cancel orders

This means if an order is cancelled on Amazon, then it will also be cancelled in Eshopbox.

Note: Orders which have been fulfiled cannot be cancelled in Eshopbox.

5.4 Import returns

This means if a customer returns your product on Amazon, the order is automatically marked as ‘Returning’ in Eshopbox.

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