You need to add a pickup location in Flipkart at the time of registration. You can add the Eshopbox fulfilment centre address as your pickup location.

Follow the below steps to add a pickup location in Flipkart for each Eshopbox fulfilment centre that you wish to use.

  • Login to your Flipkart panel

  • Click on your account name > Manage Profile

  • Click on manage pickup locations > View

  • Click on Add new pickup location

  • Add the pin code, GST details and location

  • Submit for review

Flipkart will take around 1-2 days to make this location active. In a similar manner add any number of pickup locations you wish.

💡 You are only allowed to have one active location in a pin code. If you want to change your pickup address within the same pin code, please contact seller support.

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