Some of your Tata Cliq orders might be in awaiting payment status with a partial tag. A partial tag means that you have not received full payment for those orders. Please note if the different amount is INR 49 or INR 79, this can be because the Tata Cliq levies shipping charge to the customer. Eshopbox calculates the invoice amount for the order by including this shipping amount. As the shipping amount is not to be recovered by you, the payment received from Tata Cliq will be the invoice amount excluding the shipping amount.

Let’s understand with the help of an example:

Here you can see for an order dated 22nd Mar 2020 of Tata Cliq, you have received INR 998, and the invoice amount is INR 1047. The difference amount is INR 49.

You can see below that Tata Cliq issues two invoices for this order. One is for the seller, and the other one is for the shipping fee charged to the customer. The shipping charge is INR 49, which is the difference amount in the invoice amount and paid amount in the Eshopbox workspace.

From 1st July 2020, in the Eshopbox workspace, the shipping amount is not added to the invoice amount. As the shipping amount is not to be recovered by you, so you can ignore the difference of INR 49 and INR 79 in payment Tata Cliq orders placed before 1st July 2020.

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