You may want to track the details of the accepted and rejected items in an inward consignment at the time of receiving at Eshopbox. To do so, you can easily export reports that not only highlight the summary of all items that are pending or have been received but also inform you about the rejected items along with the reasons for rejections.

Further ahead, you will learn how to easily export and schedule consignment reports from the Eshopbox workspace.

Export inward consignment report

  • Navigate to the sidebar and click on Consignment>Inward.

  • Click on the Export in the top right corner of your screen.

  • Choose the consignment for which you wish to export a report.

  • Select the checkboxes for each field that you wish to export in the report. By default, all the fields will be selected.

  • Initiate export by clicking on Export CSV.

Scheduling inward consignment report

Eshopbox enables you to schedule your inward consignment reports at a given time interval. By doing so, you get automatically notified about your inventory inward status, without having to log into your workspace. Even more, when you schedule a report, it gets directly sent to you and your team members email addresses on the selected date and time.

To schedule a report, follow the steps below.

  • Do all the steps as mentioned previously and instead of clicking on Export CSV, click on the Schedule Report button.

  • Next, you need to enter the following details:

    • Report Name: A unique name for the report

    • Interval: How frequently do you want to export the report

    • Hours: At what hour of the selected interval do you want the report

    • Minutes: At what minute of the selected interval do you want the report

    • am/pm: At which period of the day do you want the report

Next, select the date range to filter your inward consignments. You need to select at least one date range from the dropdown.

Note: The date range will replace all time-related filters applied on your consignment.

  • Add the team members who will receive this report.

Note: Team members you wish to add must be already added to your Eshopbox workspace. Learn how to add a team member on Eshopbox.

  • Click on Schedule report.

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