Eshopbox allows you to set communication channels through which you wish to notify customers about their orders, returns, and refunds.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to add your email sender name

  • How to add your send-from email address

  • What is your SMS sender name

Set up the communication channels for your customer portal.

From the sidebar of the Eshopbox workspace, navigate to Customer Portal > Define your communication channel with customers. Follow the below steps to set up the communication channel for your customer portal:

Step 1: Add your email sender name

Enter the email sender name which is easily recognisable by customers. Your customers will receive all email communication from this sender name.

Step 2: Add your send-from email address

Enter the send-from email address. Your customers will receive emails from this email address only.

💡 By default, ESHOPB will be sent as a default SMS sender name. You are also able to customize the sender code as per your requirement. Learn how to customize the sender code

Step 3: Save the changes

Once you have configured your communication channels, Click on 'Save'. All the changes will reflect on your customer portal immediately.

For any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or raise a ticket to Eshopbox using our support center.

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