Eshopbox allows you to offer your customers to cancel their order before it is marked as 'ready to ship'.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to define cancellation reasons for customers

  • How to set up a refund policy for customer cancellation

  • What if I don't want to provide a cancellation policy to customers

Set up your cancellation policy

From the sidebar of the Eshopbox workspace, navigate to Customer Portal > Manage your cancellation policy. Follow the below steps to set up a cancellation policy in your customer portal.

Step 1: Define cancellation reasons

Enter the list of reasons for which customers can cancel your orders. You will be able to provide a maximum of 10 reasons only. For example — orders placed by mistake, delivery is delayed, and more.

By default, the toggle will be on', which means customers can cancel the orders. If you haven't added any cancellation reasons, customers would be able to choose one of the following:

  • Delivery is delayed

  • Order placed by mistake

  • Expected delivery time is too long

  • Item price/shipping cost is too high

  • Bought it from somewhere else

Step 2: Set up refund policy for customer cancellations

Configure your refund policy for prepaid orders. Eshopbox allows you to offer three refund resolutions to your customers:

  • Refund to the original payment method

  • Refund to the desired bank account

  • Refund as store credits

Select the checkboxes as per your requirement. You can even select all the checkboxes. In case multiple options are selected, customers can opt for any one of the options to get a refund for prepaid orders cancelled by them.

💡 By default, customers get refunded to their original payment method, in case no refund policy is selected.

Step 3: Save the changes

Once, you have completed all the above steps, click on 'Save'. All the changes will be reflected on your customer portal immediately.

For any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or raise a ticket to Eshopbox using our support center.


What is store credit?

Store credit is an amount that is restored to a customer's account as a refund of their purchase. Using those credits, customers can make another purchase on your website.

What does a ready to ship order mean?

Ready to Ship means products are physically available, packed according to packaging guidelines, and ready to be transferred for delivery.

What if I don't want to provide a cancellation policy to customers?

Toggle the button off under manage cancellation policy and save the changes, if in case you don't wish to allow your customers to cancel their orders.

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