Merging products is the process of combining two products by overlapping one product's attributes over another. You can merge the following combination of products in Eshopbox:

  • Two draft products

  • A draft and an active product.

Further ahead in this article, you will learn why do you need to merge products and how to go about it.

Why do you need to merge products?

There are two scenarios wherein you might want to merge products.

Scenario 1: You have created multiple products with the same product attributes (duplicates).

Scenario 2: You have created products having incorrect product information.

How to merge products

You can merge products individually as well as in bulk using the Merge template.

Merging products individually

To merge products individually, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the sidebar and select Inventory >Products >Draft

  • Select Actions >Merge products

  • Enter the product ID (SKU or any other alias) in the Merge to field of the product you want to update.

  • Click continue. The attributes of the product selected in the Merge to field will overwrite the attributes of the product selected in Merge from.

  • Review the Merge from and Merge to product IDs and click confirm.

Note: The product selected in Merge from will be deleted from Eshopbox once you've merged the product.

Merging products in bulk

To merge products in bulk, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the sidebar the click on Inventory >All products >Import.

  • Select Merge products.

  • Download the merge template. Add the details in it and save it as a CSV file.

  • Next, click on +Add CSV to upload the CSV file.

  • Click submit.

Note: You can only select a draft product in the Merge from field. You can select a draft or an active product in the Merge to field.

  • After you've uploaded the CSV, an import status report is generated. You can identify the import status including errors (if any) from this report. Navigate to the sidebar and select Files >Imports to download the report.

Following are the import status.

  • Completed: This status tells you that you've successfully merged the product(s) in Eshopbox.

  • Failed: This status tells you that you've failed to merge the product(s) due to missing/incorrect details added in the CSV template. Download the import status report to identify the reasons for failure.

As shown in the image above, 1200 Items completed refers to the successful merge of 1200 products. Similarly, 734 items failed refers to the failure in merging 734 products due to some missing/incorrect information.

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