Deal Of The Day (DOTD) is a one-day promotional event hosted by Amazon every month. To participate in the DOTD event, you need to provide a list of products with their revised selling prices. The product prices need to be submitted to Amazon one month prior to the DOTD event. The exact date of the promotion will be communicated by Amazon a week before the DOTD event commences.

In this article, you will learn

  • How to raise a request with Eshopbox to modify the selling prices for the DOTD event

  • How to track the status of the products submitted for DOTD

Before you start

  • Make sure Eshopbox is the seller of record for your products listed on Amazon

  • Products are listed on Amazon

Steps to follow

Step 1: Prepare the spreadsheet of your products for the DOTD event

Download your inventory from the Eshopbox workspace. This spreadsheet will include all the details of your products. Next, add a column in the spreadsheet titled 'DOTD selling price' and start filling up the updated selling price of your products.

💡 Selling Price (SP) should always be lesser than or equal to MRP of your products.

Few things to keep in mind to qualify for the DOTD event:

  • The products and its variants have sufficient inventory.

  • The products are not suppressed (inactive) on Amazon.

  • Provide the highest possible discounts for the DOTD.

Step 2: Submit your product pricing information

Once you have finalized the product prices, initiate a request to participate in DOTD via the selling price update form.

Once you have submitted the pricing request, you will receive a request ID on your email to track the pricing status of your products.

Key points to note for the DOTD event:

  • Eshopbox will submit the updated selling price of your products to Amazon for review.

  • Amazon will select products as per its discretion.

  • Once Amazon communicates, Eshopbox will notify you about the DOTD event date.

  • Once DOTD ends your product prices will be changed by Amazon automatically to the previous selling price.

Step 3: Track the pricing status of your products

Notification emails will be sent by Eshopbox when your product selling prices have been updated on Amazon for the DOTD event.

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