You can modify the product information of your product listings such as description, price, or any other product attribute. To modify your product information, you need to identify the current phase of your product listings. Your product listings could either be in process with Eshopbox or published on sales channels.



Products are in process

Raise a product listing cancellation request through workspace messenger of the current request ID. Once it is confirmed, re-submit the entire product information through the product listing request form.

Products are published on sales channels

Initiate a request on workspace messenger with the following details: Eshopbox Serial Identification Number (ESIN), SKU code, channel listing ID and product attributes in a spreadsheet that you want to modify. Eshopbox will raise a request on respective channels for the required modification.

Few exceptions:

  • Modifying MRP on Flipkart — To update the MRP, you need to provide images of the price-tag clearly showing the MRP.

  • Modifying product information on Nykaa and Ajio — To update product information on Nykaa and Ajio, you need to resubmit the entire product listing with all the product information. Additionally, make sure to mention the channel listing IDs while resubmitting.

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