When listing your products, your product listing request might be rejected by Eshopbox or by the sales channel for various reasons. When this happens, you need to re-submit the product information after rectifying the errors.

In this article, you will learn

  • Reasons why your products show publishing status as failed

  • How to identify products with failed status?

  • How to re-submit the rejected products for listing?

Step 1: Identify the products with failed publishing status

Eshopbox helps you to track the status of your listings on the Eshopbox workspace. Please follow the below pointers after you initiate a listing request with Eshoopbox to identify products with channel publishing status as failed:

  • From the sidebar of the Eshopbox workspace, navigate to inventory > All products.

  • Click on more filters on the search bar.

  • Apply filter publishing status is failed.

  • Now, you will be able to see the products with publishing status as failed.

Step 2: Understand the publishing error

You will be able to see the publishing error for each product that has failed. Publishing error shows the reason why the product has failed. You can find different publishing errors in the table below:

Publishing errors



Product attribute error

Size measurements are incorrect, there is a mismatch between actual product and image provided and more.

Image error

The background colour is incorrect, there are missing images of your product, and more.

Category error

When the selected category for listing is not approved by the sales channel.

Duplicity error

When the product code already exists on the sales channel and is being used again for listing.

Incomplete data

When mandatory fields required for product listing are incomplete or missing.

Additionally, you might find channel publishing notes along with the channel publishing errors. These will further explain the error if required. For example, white background images cannot be approved, so provide images with a light grey background.

Step 3: Rectify and re-submit the failed products for listing

The next step is to rectify the failed products and resubmit through the Product listing request form. While submitting the form, you need to mention only the list of products and fields that need to be rectified. The whole product information need not be shared again.

💡 Keep your previous listing request ID handy, this is a mandatory field when you resubmit your product information.

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