Several things can interfere with your ability to log in to your Eshopbox workspace. For example, there may be an issue with your account status or it may be a network issue.

In this article, you'll learn about what kinds of issues can prevent you from logging in to the Eshopbox workspace, and how to address them.

You didn’t receive an OTP by email.

  • Search for an email from "", if it isn’t in your inbox, check the other folders such as spam, promotion, social and more. Learn how to unmark an email as spam for Gmail and outlook.

  • Keep refreshing. Sometimes the email can take up to 1-2 minutes depending on your network speed. Delivery speed and availability may vary based on your location and service provider.

  • Make sure you add as your contact. It will ensure that you don’t miss any important updates from us.

Check your formatting

  • Email address is case-sensitive, and spacing matters while entering the OTP. Ensure correct capitalisation and leave no extra spaces before or after the OTP. Click on the back arrow and change the email address if that is incorrect.

Make sure you don’t block third party cookies.

  • When blocked, we can't use cookies that authenticate you, and a lot of features may break. Learn how to allow cookies in chrome and firefox.

You don’t have access.

  • Make sure you have signed up using the same email address, or you are invited to the workspace for the same email address.

Use a valid password.

  • Open your email id to get an auto-generated password each time you log in to the Eshopbox workspace. A password is valid for a duration of 3 minutes after it is generated. If a password is older than 3 minutes, request for a password again, and enter the new password in the Eshopbox workspace.

Check your browser and system settings.

Because Eshopbox workspace is a web-based application, browser and system settings may prevent you from logging in to your account. How to change these settings will vary from browser to browser.

If you suspect any issues with your browser or system settings, here are some possible solutions.

  • Log in through a different browser or private browsing window
    If you're able to log in successfully in a different browser or private browsing window, clear your cache and cookies in the original browser and try to log in again.

  • Use the most recent version of a compatible browser
    We can't promise full support for beta or developer versions of your preferred browser.

  • Remove browser add-ons or plugins
    Add-ons and plugins can block cookies from being stored in your browser and may prevent you from successfully logging in. Search your browser's help articles to find out how to remove add-ons and plugins.

Eshopbox Support

  • If none of the above-mentioned steps helps to log in, raise a ticket to Eshopbox using our support center.

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