Eshopbox aims to provide you with an efficient support experience to help you to:

  • get a quicker resolution,

  • easily track your queries, and

  • get reliable support.

You can get help with Eshopbox through the following options:

  • Help center

  • Support messenger

Help center

Eshopbox help center is the article repository that helps you to find the answers to your questions. Eshopbox help center enables you to get self serve content to help you at each stage of using Eshopbox services. You do not need to wait for a support advisor to respond to your question. Visit Eshopbox help center.

Support messenger

In your Eshopbox workspace, you are provided with a support messenger to raise a query to the Eshopbox team.

The following is a step by step guide to raising a query:

  • Login to your Eshopbox workspace. Once you are logged in into your account, the support messenger will be visible on the bottom-right of your Eshopbox workspace. Refer below screenshot:

  • Once you click on the support messenger icon, you can view the list of your existing queries with Eshopbox. You can also raise a new query by clicking on Send us a message.

  • In send us a message you will need to select the topic that relates to your query. For example, if your query is related to consignments, select consignment topic from the suggestions available.

  • To be more specific about the query, you may further be asked to choose from the list of suggested topics. For example, further in consignment, if your query is related to inward consignment, select Inward consignment topic from the suggestions available.

  • Based on the topic that you select, you will be provided with the most relevant articles. This will help you get a resolution for your query.

  • In case you do not find the suggested articles relevant to your query, select something else to send a message directly to the Eshopbox team.

  • In Something else, you can directly type your query in the message box as shown below. To ensure that the support advisor can assist you efficiently with your query, please provide all the necessary and relevant details. For example, if you want to raise a query regarding a specific consignment, then do mention the consignment number along with your query in detail. You can also add an attachment if you need to add any file or screenshot related to your query.

  • Once you type your query and submit it, our support advisor will respond to your query within 8 business hours.

  • When a support advisor responds to your query, you will be able to view the response in the same conversation in the support messenger. In case you do not view the conversation within 2 minutes, Eshopbox will also send you the response over your registered email address. You can reply back to continue the conversation either by replying to the mail or from the messenger.

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