When you create a product on Eshopbox, you also need to add its image. The image is an essential attribute that helps Eshopbox to identify the product at the time of receiving at the Fulfillment Center (FC).

Further ahead, you will learn why is a product image required and also the best practices to provide a product image.

Why is a product image required?

Following are the reasons why Eshopbox asks you for a product image.

  • Easy identification of a product at the time of picking and packing The process of picking takes place at the time of inventory recall and order processing. A product image helps the Eshopbox team to correctly identify and pick the items from their stored location.

  • Easy identification of the product in the workspace: A product image helps you easily identify the product in the workspace for which an order or a return has been received.

  • Increase in Quality Check (QC) efficiency: At the time of QC at the fulfilment centre, a product image helps Eshopbox staff to evaluate the physical product by comparing it with the image added on the workspace. Learn more about how Eshopbox performs QC.

  • Identify the returned items: At the time of return processing, a product image helps Eshopbox staff to identify and evaluate the items received from the customers.

Guidelines to provide a product image

When setting up a new product or updating an existing one, Eshopbox suggests you follow the following guidelines.

  • Image size: An image must be at least 1000 pixels in either width or height and should not be less than 500 pixels.

  • Image frame: The product should fill 85% of the image frame. This ensures easy identification without having to zoom out.

  • Background colour: Each product image should have a pure white background.

  • File size: The file size should not exceed more than 10 MB.

  • File format: You can upload JPEG, PNG, GIF files.

  • Use real photos: The image must be an actual photo (or the cover art, in the case of music or books, for example) rather than using drawings or illustrations.

  • Quality: Images must not be blurry, pixilated, have jagged edges, or be cropped by a frame edge.

  • Public product image: A product image should be publicly visible. Eshopbox won’t be able to access the image if the image link is private.

  • Go big enough to get the zoom: You cannot zoom in on an image on Eshopbox unless the image is appropriately large. We recommend you upload an image that can be zoomed in as and when required.

  • Please keep it simple: Anything in the frame that’s not directly related to the product risks becoming a distraction. Avoid any such element from being included in your product images.

  • Aim for quality: Use sharp, high-resolution, and well-balanced product images that look realistic. Make sure that the colours are balanced after a product shoot.

Here is an example of a good product image vs. a bad product image.

Note: Eshopbox requests you to avoid the use of the following in your product images.

  • Accessories or props that may create confusion.

  • Graphic designs or text that is not part of the product, or logos/watermarks/inset images.

  • Pornographic, racist, or otherwise offensive images.

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