This go-live checklist outlines all the steps that you need to get started with Eshopbox.

Before you start

Make sure you have decided the:

  • Fulfilment center from which you'll operate

  • Sales channel to which you'll enable

💡 If you want your own sales channel, make sure you have an account on the sales channel.

Create your Eshopbox workspace

Creating a workspace is the first step wherein you need to provide the necessary details of the company. By giving these below details, you will gain access to the Eshopbox workspace.

Learn more about setting up your account.

Enable fulfilment center and sales channel

You need to add multiple Eshopbox services. To avail of them, you need to enable the below services before processing further.

Organize your workspace

Organizing your workspace means adding multiple information for multiple purposes. You require the following information for creating the product, sending inventory to Eshopbox:

Send inventory to Eshopbox

After you enable the fulfilment center, you can send your inventory. You need to follow the below steps for a smooth workflow:

Start accepting orders

Your business might benefit from adding some other online channels. There are several online channels that you can add to the Eshopbox. You can also place a test order on the sales channel to understand the workflow.

Reconcile payments

Payment is the essential parameter to run a business. To make sure you receive the correct amount, you need to reconcile the payments.

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