Clone fee in case you want to create a copy of an existing configured fee. This functionality saves time as you need to provide fewer details. In this article, you will learn how to clone a fee.

Before you start

  • You should have configured fee from which you want to copy the charge rules.

Steps to clone a fee

Navigate to Settings > Fee. Click on the clone icon against the fee which you want to copy. The new fee will have all the conditions and charge rules from the old fee. Follow the below steps to clone a fee:

Step I - Choose Portal

Select the portal for which you want to create fees. All integrated portals will be available in this drop-down list. This field is not editable.

💡 Select custom, if the portal for which you want to configure fee is not available in the drop-down.

Step II - Name the fees

According to the portal selected in the previous step, you will see a list of the applicable fees. Select the name of the fee from the drop-down menu. The name of the fee will help you track your reconciliation. The name of payable is the same as the name of the fee provided here.

If the fee you want to configure is not available in the drop-down list, click on add custom. Provide the name of fees. This field is not editable.

💡 Already configured fees will not appear in the drop-down. For a custom fee, the name cannot be the same as already created fees. You also need to provide the exact fee name which you receive in the payout report for a custom fee.

Step III - Set validity period

‌Provide a duration for which this fee will be applicable. You can change the validity period while revising a fee. The following options are available:

  • Definite period: If the fee that you are configuring will be applicable till a specific date.
  • Indefinite period: In this case, provide the start date from which fee is applicable.

After filling all the information, click clone.

Click on the fee to view its configuration details.

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