As a client, you may want or need to update the details of the custom field. For example,

  • if you want to change the name of the custom field, or

  • you want to change the description, or

  • add more value to the custom field.

This article will help you understand editing a custom field.

Before you Start

Editing Custom Field

To edit a custom field, navigate to Settings > Custom field, and you can view the list of all the custom fields on the main pane.

Search and select the custom field you want to edit. On hovering over that custom field, you’ll be able to view the icon to edit the custom field.

Custom field details will be visible to you. All the fields are editable except below.

  • Internal name

  • Field Type > Date Picker

Click on save. After the successful editing of custom field details, you redirect to custom field settings' main pane.

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