A fee is a rate card agreed between you and your contact. Eshopbox workspace allows you to configure such rate cards into a set of rules. These rules automatically:

  • Calculate the expected payable.
  • Reconcile actual payables.

Using Fee feature in Eshopbox, you can configure fee like:

  • The shipping fee charged by courier partners.
  • The transaction fee charged by the payment provider.
  • Commission fees charged by portals.
  • Packaging material fee charged by packaging provider.

Following are attributes of fees:

  • Name of the fee: Example, commission fee, shipping fee.
  • Portal: Example, Amazon, Flipkart.
  • Validity period: Define the duration for which the fee is applicable. In the case of the indefinite period, you can define only the start date.
  • Conditions in which the fee is applicable: Example, you are charged with a fee when the order is shipped. But it is reversed in case of returns or cancellation.
  • Charge rules: You can define a different fee amount for various conditions based on the following fields:
    -Product category
    - Product price
    - Product brand
    - Shipping weight
    - Shipping destination and payment method.

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