You need to configure your payment terms with the service provider in Eshopbox. This enables Eshopbox to calculate the due date for your payments. Once you have configured payment terms, Eshopbox will:

  • Calculate the due date for each order

  • Assign the overdue tag if the due date expires

Navigate to Settings > Payment terms > +Configure payment terms and follow the below steps to configure payment terms.

Step I - Name the Rule

Select a name for your payment terms. This will help you easily identify service providers, in case you use multiple.

Step II - Choose Sales Channel‌

Select the sales channel for which you want to add payment terms. This cannot be edited.

💡 Sales channel will appear in the drop-down if payment terms have not been configured for the sales channel

Step III - Enter Payment terms

This is done to calculate the due dates of the orders for the sales channel. You just need to provide the maximum number of days in which you will receive payment from the sales channel. Please note that the number of days is calculated from the invoice date.

After providing all the information, click on 'Add' to complete the configuration. You have now configured the payment terms for a service provider.

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