The sales channel represents where you sell your products. In this article, you will learn how to add a particular sales channel. Adding a sales channel will enable you to fulfil orders.‌

Before you start

Provide seller account details if you want to add a sales channel through your seller account.

Steps to add a sales channel

Navigate to Settings > Sales Channel > + Add Sales Channel and follow the below steps to add a sales channel.

Step I - Choose a portal

Select the portal for which you want to add the sales channel. All integrated portals will be available in this drop-down list. You cannot edit this field. After selecting a portal, click continue.

💡 Use the Eshopbox support messenger to raise a query, if you cannot find your portal. Select 'website' if you want to create a sales channel for Magento, Shopify and woo commerce and provide details in the last step.

Step II - Choose fulfilment center

Select the Fulfillment Center(FC) from which you want to fulfil your orders. Make sure you have selected one FC before proceeding further. You can also choose multiple FCs. After selecting FC, click continue.

💡 Only added FC(s) would be available in the drop-down list. You need to enable the FC, if you cannot find it in the drop-down.

Step III - Choose a seller account

Select the seller account with which you want to integrate your sales channel. The seller account will determine the selling party for your sales channel. You cannot edit this field.

If you want to be the selling party for your sales channel, select my seller account.

If you select my seller account, you can:

  • Select a previously created seller account and click continue.

  • Configure and add a new seller account. To do so, you are required to enter seller account details.

💡 When you want Eshopbox to be the selling party for your sales channel, select the Eshopbox seller account and click continue.

Step IV - Choose a fulfilment model

Select a fulfilment model to manage your orders. You cannot edit this field. Select the fulfilment model from the drop-down and click add.

If you have selected an option website in the first step, you can select on which platform your website is made from Shopify, Magento and woo commerce. After choosing any one, provide the required details. Now, you can track your sales channel request.

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