A Brand is the image and personality of a product or service that a business provides. A product's features, such as logos or slogans, make it unique. Brand details help Eshopbox differentiate one product from others. In this article, we will learn about

  • adding a brand, and

  • editing a brand.

Adding a Brand

Navigate to Brand > + Brand and provide the below details to add a brand:

  • Brand name: This is the name of your brand. This field is mandatory and non-editable.

  • Website URL: To mention the website address, you need to mention the website URL. The URL provided here will validate for "http://" and "https://."

  • Category: Name of the category in which you want to sell your product. You can select one or more categories from the drop-down by clicking on the checkbox. This is a mandatory field.

  • Brand Logo: The brand logo picture needs to upload in this field. The format for uploading pictures will be-PDF, jpg, and png.

‌Click on add. After the successful addition of a brand, you redirect to the warehouse settings' main pane.

💡 Whenever you create a brand, by default, its status is active.

Editing a Brand

You may need to update the details of the brand to:

  • update the URL of the brand website, or

  • add more categories, or

  • deactivate a brand, for some reason.

To edit a brand, navigate to Settings > Brand, and you can view the list of all brands.

Search and select the brand you want to edit. On hovering over that brand, you’ll be able to view the icon to edit the brand.

‌Brand details will be visible to you. The below fields are editable:

  • Website URL: You can change the website URL.

  • Category: You can select more categories from the list. Or, you can remove some categories.

  • Status: In case you want to discontinue this brand, you can change the status to inactive.

  • Brand logo: You can change the brand logo.

Click on save. After the successful editing of brand details, you redirect to the brand settings' main pane.

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