The Eshopbox workspace gives the option to add team members to your workspace. This will help you work together on the processes. This article will help you understand

  • Steps to invite a team member

  • Actions

  • Delete a team member

  • ‌Deactivate a team member

Steps to Invite Team Member

Navigate to Settings > Team > + Add team.

Now, provide the email address. This is the email address of the team member you want to invite. The Eshopbox team will send the invite to this email ID from the Eshopbox team. This field is mandatory and non-editable.

Click on the invite. The person you invited will receive an invitation email with the activation link. They may or may not accept the invitation.


When a team member accepts the invite, the status will turn to active.

When a team member does not accept the invite, you can:

  • ‌Resend the invitation: Team members will again receive the invitation mail.

  • Delete the invitation: You can delete the invitation in case you don't want to resend it.

Delete a team member

In case a team member does not accept the invitation. You have the option to delete that member from the list. Click on Delete Icon > Confirmation > Yes.

Deactivate a team member

You can change the status to inactive. This will block your team member to access your workspace.

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