Eshopbox is a commerce operations platform offering simple, fast, and tech-enabled fulfilment for businesses of all sizes. With its network of fulfilment centers across India, Eshopbox helps its clients to

  • store inventory across multiple locations for faster and more affordable delivery,

  • fulfil orders, manage returns, and

  • reconcile payments.

What can I do with Eshopbox?

  • Improve the post-purchase experience for your customers with efficient order fulfilment.

  • Increase sell-through percentage by making your inventory available for sale on multiple sales channels (your own website, marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and many more).

  • Fulfil all types of orders received from multiple sales channels.
    - direct to consumer orders,
    - wholesale orders from your trading partners and
    - transfer orders to your stores or other locations.

  • Enable preferred seller programs like Amazon Prime, Flipkart Smart Fulfilment without splitting the inventory.

  • Use our network of fulfilment centers to strategically split your inventory and store it closer to your customers. This helps to manage your inventory to reduce shipping costs and transit times.

  • If you are running a marketplace, you can also provide fulfilment services to sellers on your platform for superior customer experience.

  • Standardise services on your platform by timely supply of products/tools to partners.

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