While creating a recall consignment, you need to upload the inventory details via the CSV file. Your consignment gets failed when you provide incorrect details. This article will help you understand the field description in the CSV template.

Recall consignment template

Below are the field and field descriptions that will help you to create a recall consignment.

  • *SKU: The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique name for your product against which you want to recall the inventory. This field can be alphanumeric & special characters. Note: Provide the same value which you used as the SKU to create the product. Example: 201629-2-32,76859-78-QW

  • *ESIN: Eshopbox generated product identification number against which you want to recall inventory. Example: GRYGDB7246.

  • *Quantity: The quantity that you want to recall against the style code. It is the number of items of the SKU. Example: 8

All attributes marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.

💡 You can provide either the SKU or ESIN in the template while creating a consignment.

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