Consignment is a batch of goods created for the movement of inventory. Recall consignment represents the inventory that is being recalled from the Eshopbox fulfillment center. In this, inventory is sent from Eshopbox to your location. You/ Eshopbox create consignment for the below types of inventories:

  • Good: The inventory which is sellable and which you want back at your warehouse

  • Quality rejected: The inventory which did not pass Quality Check(QC) criteria at the time of receiving.

  • Bad: The inventory was marked as bad after return as it was not sellable.

💡You can create a recall consignment for only good inventory.

How does recall consignment work?

The below workflow will explain how you can recall the consignment.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the steps to represent the flow:

  1. You create the consignment for sellable(good) inventory on the Eshopbox workspace. The status of your consignment is created. You may remove the inventory because of slow-moving or long-term storage.

  2. Eshopbox initiates the process of recalling inventory.

  3. Eshopbox picks each item and packs them to process the consignment.

  4. You schedule the consignment on the Eshopbox workspace to get a date and a time slot for pickup.

  5. You pick up the packed consignments from Eshopbox on the scheduled slot.

  6. In case you don’t want to recall the inventory, you can cancel the consignment. You can only cancel the consignment with created status.

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