To send your inventory to Eshopbox, you first need to create and schedule a consignment. By doing so, you ensure that Eshopbox receives and processes the consignment within the defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). This article is an end-to-end guide to creating and scheduling your consignment in the Eshopbox workspace.

Before creating your consignment on the Eshopbox workspace, you must make sure of the following.

  • You have added your location from where you will send the inventory.

  • You have enabled Eshopbox Fulfilment Center (FC) where you will send the inventory.

  • You have created your products on the workspace for which you wish to send the inventory.

Creating a consignment

Step 1 → Sending inventory to Eshopbox FC

  • Navigate to Consignments > Inward > Create Consignment and select Send inventory to Eshopbox FC.

Step 2 → Provide inventory movement details

  • Enter the to and from the location of the movement.

  • Click on the dropdown in Send Inventory from option. Doing so will display a list of your active locations that have already been added to your workspace. Select the location from where you want to send inventory.

  • Click on the dropdown next to the Send Inventory to option. Doing so will display a list of all the fulfilment centres (FC) you have subscribed to. Select the FC where you want to send the inventory.

  • Click Continue.

Note: In case there are products that have been rejected during a quality check, Eshopbox will refer to this location to create a recall consignment.

Step 3 → Provide inventory details

After providing the inventory movement details, you must provide details of the products in your consignment. To do the same follow the steps below:

  • Download the inward consignment template and fill in your consignment details. This template contains two columns.

    1. Product ID: In this column, you must add relevant Product IDs. This can be any of the following:

      • SKU

      • UPC

      • EAN

      • GTIN or any other product aliases.

    2. Quantity: In this column, you need to mention the quantity of the products in your consignment.

Note: Read understanding the inward consignment template to learn how to edit the template correctly.

  • Save the template as a CSV file and upload it on Eshopbox.

  • Click Refresh.

Note: The green tick under status implies that you have created the consignment successfully. The numeric next to it informs you of the total count of products you have added to the inward consignment file.

  • Click Next.

  • In case you did not prepare the inward consignment file properly, you’ll receive an upload error.

    Note: The red exclamation sign under the status section implies that you have encountered some errors in your file. The numeric next to it informs you of the total count of products you have failed to add to the inward consignment template.

  • To fix the errors, download the unsuccessful file and understand the reason for the failure mentioned inside the sheet. Rectify the sheet accordingly and then click on Replace Sheet.

Scheduling a consignment

To schedule your consignment, you first need to select an available time slot on the workspace and then provide the following information.

  • Enter the number of boxes you will be sending to Eshopbox. This should match the number of boxes printed on the physical document you’ll be sending along with the consignment.

  • Select the date and time from the slots on which you would like to deliver the consignment. This will ensure a planned and smooth delivery of consignment at Eshopbox.

  • Provide the document (stock transfer note, challan or invoice) number and upload the scanned copy of the same. Generate a single document against a single consignment.

  • Click Schedule Consignment.

  • Next, you need to acknowledge our delivery guidelines by selecting the checkbox at the bottom and clicking Continue. This mandatory step confirms that you will adhere to all the guidelines while delivering inventory at the Eshopbox fulfilment centre.

Learn more about Eshopbox delivery guidelines.

You can also Skip the scheduling consignment step and perform it later. To do so,

  • Navigate to Consignments > Inward, where you can access all your inward consignments.

  • Select the consignment you want to schedule, and you’ll be navigated to Step 3.

  • Fill out the required details and click on schedule consignment.

Re-scheduling an inward consignment

If you have missed an appointment slot or want to deliver your consignment at some other date, you can easily re-schedule your delivery appointment on the Eshopbox workspace. Follow the steps below to re-schedule a consignment.

  • Go to Consignments > Inward.

  • Select the consignment which you wish to re-schedule.

  • Click on re-schedule consignment and provide the details.

  • All the details mentioned previously will be fetched and displayed. You can edit them according to your updated schedule.

  • Click Schedule Consignment.

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