An inward consignment is a batch of goods you want to send to the Eshopbox fulfilment centre. By creating an inward consignment, you let Eshopbox know about the details of your inventory. This helps Eshopbox inward it in a streamlined manner thus avoiding any discrepancies or delays. Further ahead, we will explain the fundamentals of an inward consignment and how Eshopbox receives and stores your inventory.

Step by step guide to inward a consignment at Eshopbox

Step 1 → You create an inward consignment on Eshopbox

  • Log in to your Eshopbox workspace and create an inward consignment.

  • Provide the inventory movement details (origin and destination locations).

  • Download the inward template and fill in the inventory details.

  • Once successful, the consignment status will be marked as Created.

Note: An inward consignment cannot be modified once created. If you face any errors while creating an inward consignment, you should refer to our article on troubleshooting the inward template errors.

Step 2 → You schedule the inward consignment

  • After successfully creating a consignment on Eshopbox, you need to schedule it to book an appointment for its delivery.

  • While scheduling, you will be asked to select a suitable date and a time from the available slots.

  • Once successful, the consignment status will be marked as Scheduled.

Note: If you do not wish to send your consignment due to any reason, you can cancel the consignment. Subsequently, if you miss a scheduled slot or wish to deliver at some other date due to a change of plan, you can reschedule your consignment.

Step 3 → You deliver the inward consignment at Eshopbox fulfilment centre

  • Once you've booked an appointment to deliver your consignment at Eshopbox, you need to start preparing your inventory following the Eshopbox product preparation guidelines.

  • After your consignment is prepared, you deliver the consignment following the Eshopbox delivery guidelines.

  • Once successful, the consignment status will be marked as Delivered.

    Note: If you didn't prepare the consignment as per the Eshopbox guidelines, you may incur a non-compliance fee or lead to rejection of the consignment. Subsequently, if in case you fail to deliver the consignment on the booked slot, you will need to reschedule the consignment in the Eshopbox workspace to get a new date and time.

Step 4 → Your consignment is received at Eshopbox

  • At the time of delivery, Eshopbox will count the number of cartons, measure their weight and check their conditions.

  • Thereafter, Eshopbox will confirm the delivery of the consignment on the Lorry Receipt (LR) shared by the transporter and inform you of successful delivery through email.

Click on the download link next to Proof of Delivery to view your delivery acknowledgement slip.

  • Next, Eshopbox will unbox the cartons and start receiving the units.

Note: Eshopbox will not receive the consignment if the cartons are damaged.

Step 5 → Your consignment is complete

  • Once successful, the consignment status will be marked as Completed.

  • After you have completed the consignment, you can export and schedule an inward consignment report.

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